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To guest request … or not to guest request ?

Can guest music requests really work ?

This is a big one. With the ever popular “Wedding Guest Request” trend we are starting to encouter more often, it’s a question that we have pondered on many an occasion (well Weddings to be exact).

Spoiler alert !

We are going to come off the stool swinging on this one and say, personally …. we are against them. “Boooooooooo” we hear you cry ! “They are fun, everyone gets to hear what they want”.

Well, there are lots of reasons why a Wedding DJ would be in the opposing corner to us and we will do our best to expalin why.

But we have our reasons and are more than happy to share them with you … Our future Brides & Grooms !

Imagine you are hosting a dinner party. It’s been planned for months … years even.

You decide on a Chef who is well reviewed, understands your tastes, your likes and dislikes …. and then you tell him that each guest is going to bring along a random ingredient for him to cook with !

Well, it would be a challenge and we are sure the Chef would do his best to knock up a Pasta based Lamb and Fish Ice Cream flavoured Jelly Pie.

Ok, that actually sounds ok … but it will be a far cry from dinner at the Ritz.

On the other hand …. the Chef has just been absolved of ALL responsibility …. I mean hey, he HAD to cook with these ingredients so this was the best he could do right ?

Well we can only think this would be the reason the opposing DJ would be in the “For” corner for guests requests, it’s easy, there is no pressure, if it all goes horribly wrong, then he can simply blame the song choices.

Weddings are hard

It’s no secret Weddings are hard for most DJ’s. There are usually over 100 guests, with different tastes in music, different ages.

Some are in it for the long haul and some have booked a Taxi for 9m as they have work the next day, some parents are letting loose because little Johnny is at the granparents, and some are carrying so many baby utensils that they have forgotten to change out of their PJ’s before arriving at the Church.

We made peace a long time ago that you are never going please every single person. It’s impossible.

But in our view, guest requests make this so much harder.

A complete mish mash of songs, some of which, no matter how hard you try, will never fit nicely anywhere into the evening.

Some so obscure that they weren’t even available to buy.

Some so slow that they absolutely kill the dancefloor no matter when you play them, and some so hardcore that the whole venue stops dead in it’s tracks and wonders why on earth the DJ has just dropped the German techno track.

Of course, we try and explain this to all our Brides and Grooms who have opted for guest requests and usually come to some sort of compromise, whereby if a song REALLY doesn’t fit anywhere, then we can leave it out.

And the above is tongue in cheek for the most part …. I have never dropped a German Techno track at a Wedding (yet).


We like the compromise. The middle ground is good ground. We can arrange most requests in a suitable order and add some bangers of our own for good measure to keep the dancefloor moving.

But be warned Brides & Grooms !!!! If you tell your DJ to play ALL guests requests you might be dancing to some hardcore Berlin Techno track sooner than you think !!!