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The best wedding dj in Chelmsford

When hiring a DJ for your wedding, so many factors need to be taken into consideration.

Will people dance, what music will they play, how much do they cost, what equipment do they bring, how long do I need them for.

In this article, we answer the questions you are bound to ponder when considering booking your wedding DJ.

Wedding DJ cost Chelmsford

Firstly, lets start with the cost.

Most, if not all, wedding DJ businesses do not provide standard prices on their websites.

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Whilst at first, one might wonder why this is the case, it’s actually very simple.

Until the DJ knows the location of the event, how far it is for them to travel, and more importantly, how long their services are required for, it is near impossible to provide an accurate quote.

Therefore, this explains why 99% of Wedding DJ’s don’t list a standard price on their website.

Average DJ cost per hour

In 2020, we estimate that the average cost of a well reviewed wedding DJ is going to range anywhere between £75 – £150 per hour.

The very best wedding dj in essex

But what is the difference between a DJ that charges £75 per hour, and the DJ that charges £150 per hour, you may ask ?

This is where things get complicated.

Initially, you may believe that the £150 DJ is better, has superior equipment, and will fill the dance floor at your wedding.

However, you may do your research and discover that actually, the wedding DJ that charges £75 per hour has better equipment and has more 5 star reviews !

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Consequently, where does this leave you when making a decision on how much of your wedding budget to spend on hiring a DJ ?

Well, our honest advice is to research each individual business as much as possible.

Contact the companies you are interested in booking, and gauge their responses, wether that be via telephone or email.

How long did it take them to respond to your initial enquiry, did they provide you with enough information about what they offer.

In addition, was their response polite and professional ?

Ultimately, the DJ’s initial response is going to give you a good indicator on the level of service you will be receiving throughout your contract with them.

How to pick a wedding DJ

Furthermore, when deciding on how to pick your DJ, you should definitely check their social media platforms.

Instagram, Facebook & Youtube are always a good starting point.

Consequently, these are the biggest indicators of if a Wedding or party DJ is active and has recently being doing events.

Do you see videos and pictures of people having a good time, or just selfies from behind the DJ booth ?

In addition, sometimes a good way of gauging wether a Dj is right for you, is to pick up the phone and simply give them a call.

A cool wedding dj behind pioneer decks


Let’s say the DJ answers the phone, you chat through your plans, and they are engaged, polite, positive, knowledgeable, and you get a good feel for their personality.

Then they might be the right DJ for you.

On the other hand, if someone answers the phone, comes across short, abrupt, and can’t even spare a few moments to discuss your big day, then there is a good chance you might want to consider continuing your search for your perfect wedding DJ.

Wedding DJ what to look for

Undoubtedly, reviews are the first thing we all look for when thinking of hiring or buying anything nowadays.

It goes without saying, that an experienced and high quality wedding DJ should have reviews from previous customers.

Take your time to read the reviews and see what previous Brides and Grooms have said about their services.

Were they on time, did they play the music they requested, were they smartly dressed ?

Ultimately, how a wedding DJ presents themselves on the day of someones wedding, and the relationship they build with them in the run up to the big day, will play a huge part in the review they receive after the event itself.

Rustic dj booth with love heart lightbulb

As a result, a genuine review is easy to spot.

It will usually be more than just 1 paragraph and will have a personal and honest feel to it.

In contrast, a review that only reads a few lines, and has no personality to it, will most likely be a friend or family member, attempting to bump up their 5 star rating !

DJ to hire for parties near me

When taking into consideration the above advice, we feel pretty confident that we are among the best wedding and party DJ’s in the Chelmsford area.

In addition to over 80 5 star reviews on google praising our DJ services, we provide high quality sound systems for our events.

Furthermore, we use the latest Pioneer DJ controllers to ensure we deliver a premium service to our customers.

With a roster of DJ’s that have grown up using turntables, we don’t just press stop and play between tracks, ensuring that the party continues seamlessly whenever we are behind the DJ booth.

What to ask your Wedding DJ

When thinking of what questions to ask your wedding DJ, we highly recommend one of the first ones should be how they deal with emergency situations.

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Obviously, it goes without saying that we all suffer breakdowns.

However, what back ups do they have in place for when they physically can’t make it to an event.

In addition, what if a laptop or controller decides to break midway through a DJ set, what failsafe options are in place to make sure the party continues.

After all, the show must go on !

Finally, can requests be taken on the night, what happens if someone asks for a song they haven’t got ?

Can they download the song right then and there.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of questions you should ask you wedding DJ, but it’s definitely a good start.

Best Wedding DJ

So who is the best wedding DJ in Chelmsford and the Essex area then.

Unfortunately, this is an impossible question to answer. We know some fantastic wedding DJ’s who are great at what they do.

guests singing together at a wedding

Equally, we also consider ourselves to be an excellent choice for someones wedding party.

However, the right DJ or the best DJ for one couple, isn’t necessarily going to be the best one for the next couple.

Differing music tastes, age ranges of wedding guests, and the style and personality of each wedding Dj will ultimately dictate what couples should book them for their wedding day.

To sum up, the best wedding DJ, is the one you feel most comfortable with.

The one you have built a good rapport with, and the one you will be happy to see walk through the door (on time and smartly dressed hopefully), on what will eventually be one of the best and most memorable days of your life !

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