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Fox and Braces are a wedding DJ company based in Danbury, Chelmsford, and we have certainly drawn a lot of influence from area in which our company was born.

We cover Essex, Kent and London regions and travel extensively up and down the UK Nationwide, for weddings and large corporate events.

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Rustic DJ Booth Professionally Handmade in Natural Wood

With Danbury being predominantly woodland, it’s no surprise that we have styled our F&B wedding DJ’s in keeping with the surroundings of our company birthplace.
So, it’s only right that a wedding DJ in Danbury has a DJ setup that looks it’s best at woodland themed weddings, barn weddings, and any occasion in which a hint of ‘the country’ has been applied.

For a better idea of how or DJ setups look, please visit our ‘Wedding and Events Gallery Essex‘.

Wedding Music – Modern Dance Tracks. Each Playlist Is Unique

In contrast to the leafy influence that Danbury has had on our style, much of our musical influence has also been drawn from the youthful vibrance of the busy Chelmsford social scene.

Being a wedding DJ in Chelmsford allows us to keep in touch with the younger generation that have grown up listening to grime, hip-hop, and DnB.

It’s always important to remember that todays young bride and grooms have grown up in a new era of music.

Being a wedding DJ in Chelmsford certainly enables us to stay armed with the most current musical knowledge to provide the latest generation of newlyweds with the music that they wish to hear at their wedding.

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Essex Wedding DJ Hire

Wedding DJ Hire in Essex Kent and London

Looking for the best Wedding DJ in Essex, Kent and London areas?

Well good news, you may have just found us. Call us for an informal chat on 07960 498 184 or send a message via our Contact Form.

Combining a rustic and authentic style with a modern and stylish twist, Fox and Braces are the only company to consider when looking for a DJ to hire for your big day.

For a rough price guide visit our Wedding DJ Hire Price page.

Bespoke DJ Music Set List – What’s Your Music Style?

Fox and Braces never play the same set twice.

Everything is bespoke and each event starts with a clean slate. We cater to YOUR music tastes and ensure out highly skilled DJ’s get it right through our online event planner and careful consultation prior to each and every Wedding or Event.

Gone are the flashy disco lights, over the top speakers and bad polo shirts and in are bowties, vintage tripods and minimal modern PA systems.

Professional Attire To Impress and Handcrafted DJ Booths

Every DJ booth has been handcrafted and finished to the highest of standards and our DJ’ behind them will be dressed to wow and knockout your guests.

If you are looking for a rustic setup that fits with your venue, then look no further.

Essex Wedding DJ Hire Rustic DJ Kent London

Dance, Disco, Retro to Club Beats and Chilled Soundtracks

Whether it’s a sophisticated afternoon, sipping cocktails and eating canapés you want, or an all out club vibe at the end of the night.

Our DJ’s are able to cater to and provide the soundtrack to any occasion. When it comes to Wedding DJs in Essex, Kent and London. Fox and Braces set the standard.