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Neon Letter Hire Essex

In the height of wedding season, one could argue that taking on a huge project wasn’t the smartest of ideas. However, Fox and Braces don’t like to take the easy route, and are always up for a challenge.

So when one of us came out with the idea to give the giant love letter hire market a complete overhaul, everyone was up for the challenge.

letter hire for weddings


Moving into prop hire

You see, apart from our rustic Photo Booth, we never really wanted to enter the prop hire market in Essex. We always saw it as quite a flooded market, with the same led love letters at almost every wedding venue in Essex we provided DJ services to.

giant neon letter hire







Honestly, we will be the first to admit, at one point we considered buying a set of giant initials to hire across Essex, but every time we came close to doing it, we just never felt that it fitted with our ethos of keeping things original and exciting, always striving to move with the trends of modern and forward thinking Brides & Grooms.

Giant Neon Essex

To begin with, we thought long and hard about how we could put the Fox and Braces style and authenticity on the giant letter hire services seen across Essex, and one word kept raising it’s bright and beautiful head, over and over again. Neon.

Firstly, a disclaimer. Fox and Braces are not the first business to offer Neon signs. We truly believe in taking an idea and turning it into something completely original.

free standing neon letters

remembering back to when we first built our rustic DJ booths, we didn’t think that for 1 minute we were the first to have a wooden DJ booth, but what we did do, is painstakingly build, throw away, redesign, build again …. And again … and again ! Until we were completely happy that we had something of high quality and completely original.

Light up letters

We had to take the same approach if we wanted to truly make an impact on the light up letter hire game. It was time to go big. Really big.

letter hire for christmas parties

When we first starting drawing up the design for 1 letter, it started at 30cm. We cut out some cardboard. Held 5 up in a row and they looked way too small.

Up it to 50cm someone shouted from the back. So we did. The next mock up of our giant neon letters in our Essex workshop looked a little better. Impactive. Bold. Big … but not big enough.

The lightbulb moment

Incidentally, at this point we decided to take a break and get the kettle on. As Dan walked over to the cupboard to grab the coffee, he stopped. “That is the perfect size”. He pulled out the tape measure from his pocket and measure the width of the kitchen cupboard door he was about to open.

“80cm … that’s how big they need to be”

neon initials for wedding

Go big !

Now at this point, everyone had a little quiet moment. Personally I was thinking “how on earth are we going to transport them about” / “will they weight too much” / “How much are these bloody things going to cost”. But the truth was, that he was right.

If we were going to try and provide the best light up letters for weddings in Essex and Kent, we needed to go big or go home.

Subsequently, the decision was made. The designs finalised. The quotes were in. And at this point, I’m glad I was sitting down as it had a fair few zero’s on the end of it. However, I’m a firm believer in life that the majority of times, you get what you pay for. We wanted quality, and were willing to pay for it.

Delivery time

A month latter, a very concerned delivery driver arrived at our workshop. “Hi mate … I have a box in the van …. It weighs about 160kg !”

Carefully, we duly obliged removing said box from the (dangerously overloaded) van, and carefully opened it. What we found inside were exactly what we had hoped for.

Fox and Braces Neon hire

modern rustic letter hire

80cm wide, perfectly formed circles with high quality, dimmable Neon rubber tubing and flawlessly matching letters. F&B Neon hire Essex was well and truly off to the best possible start.

We plugged the lights in. Cheered with delight as they lit up our old and poorly lit workshop, and then dimmed then down, as if we were anticipating the sun setting and the dance floor starting to fill.

Lastly, the only question we had then was “Ok … how on earth are we going to transport and hand these now !?”

We’ll save that story for another time 🙂Light up initials