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Top reasons you need to hire a good Wedding DJ in Essex


Arranging a wedding isn’t simple, and in order to hire a good wedding DJ in Essex, you have to put in the time and effort to find the right person.

Booking a good wedding DJ is regularly juggled with work and other everyday duties, and time unquestionably becomes the enemy.

Response times

With a wide range of suppliers to speak to, it is essential that you get a quick time response from your chosen DJ.

Let’s be realistic, if the response to your initial enquiry has taken 3 weeks, we can guarantee you that once you have paid your deposit, this response time will now be much slower, and this can truly hinder your planning.

signing of the register

Same day responses

We have heard a wide range of accounts of DJs vanishing off the face of the earth, and this isn’t a circumstance that you need to end up in.

At Fox and Braces we endeavour to respond to our messages the same day, and this will continue to be the case through the lead up to your wedding.

Communicating with venues

We totally comprehend that you may just have restricted time to get organised, and we will do whatever we can to enable things to move along pleasantly.

Your DJ is not only responsible for speaking with you and your partner, but also for communicating with your venue.

A good DJ will dependably address the venue ahead of time of the wedding for various reasons.

photos of a wedding gift


Is there access to the DJ area?

Do they require a duplicate of our insurance and PAT certificates?

Do we have to make the manager aware of our arrival?

Will we be able to unload our equipment without intruding on the procedures of your big day?

These are on the whole inquiries that a good wedding DJ will cover with the venue before they arrive.
You will hear this a lot whilst reading this article, but ‘nothing is left to chance!’.

Building a good relationship with your Wedding DJ

A good wedding DJ will build a strong relationship with their client well in advance of the wedding, and that is exactly what we try to do.

We value the importance of understanding each and every bride and groom and take the time to try to get to know them and their personalities, both as individuals and as a couple.

Building a rapport

By the time the wedding day arrives we feel as though we have well and truly ‘broken the ice’, and our arrival is quite often greeted with a warm reception and even the odd hug.

To continue with this point, because of this relationship that has been built over a number of months, we feel that we are not a DJ for a stranger, and we will do all we can not to let someone down that we have come to know so well.

Dancing Bride Essex


Being late is not an option! A good wedding DJ will allow huge amounts of time in order to travel to your venue and set up.

Our DJ’s will always arrive either on time, or earlier than expected, and nothing is left to chance!

Accounting for traffic

The day time is often spent continuously checking Google maps, and even when the route is clear they always leave early to allow the that unexpected traffic jam.

Furthermore a quality DJ will always be set up and ready to go in advance of their start time.

Ensuring that the wedding day continues to run smoothly, and if timings are ahead of schedule then rest assured, we are ready to start dropping bangers!


Over the years we have all seen many a mobile DJ rock up in a tired old baggy polo shirt, a pair of Hi-Tec trainers, and ill fitting jeans.

And quite frankly it is not what you should come to expect when hiring a high quality wedding DJ nowadays.

Your DJ should match the standards of dress of those around them, so you will never see any of our DJs being anything other than smartly dressed even when setting up their equipment.


dj for Tipi Wedding Essex

Listing the endless equipment used by Fox and Braces would take all day.

BUT, what I we say is that there is a golf in quality between the DJ companies in Essex that are charging more for their services in comparison to those who are being booked for a fraction of the price.


A set of speakers can range from £200 – upwards of £10,000, and there is a reason for this….. Sound quality, and more importantly reliability.

And this leads me on to arguably the most important thing when booking a good wedding DJ……. BACKUPS!

A good DJ will always carry 2 of everything. Spare wires, spare speakers, spare microphone, and the list goes on, you name it, we have 2!

And the reason is obvious….. equipment goes wrong!

We all know it, and when it goes wrong it’s usually at the worst possible time.

But a good DJ will pull that spare from their bag and with absolute professionalism they will carry on as if nothing ever happened.

The music

A groom grabbing his braces


A good DJ will plan the music for each and every wedding.

Starting from scratch and tailoring the wedding soundtrack to the tastes of the client and their crowd.

Our highly experienced event and wedding DJs take the time to speak with every couple that book with us.

The playlist

Arming themselves with the knowledge that enables them to plan and prepare a wedding playlist.

With a library of thousands of songs a good wedding DJ will plan the music but also give themselves room to manoeuvre on the night.

To summarise….. Don’t just book a DJ, book a Fox and Braces DJ

a picture of 2 wedding djs at a London wedding

Wedding DJ in Essex and London

Wedding DJ in Essex

Fox and Braces hit a turning point a week ago, we have a full time Wedding DJ in Essex.

One of the Directors of the organization, Dave, began maintaining the business full time. We have chosen to do a Q&A session with Dave to discover how he made the transition into a full time wedding and occasion DJ.Wedding DJ London and Essex

Mobile DJ Hire in Essex and London

Q. So, how does it feel to at long last be running Fox and Braces full time ?

A. In short. Totally stunning. My enthusiasm and passion has been DJing from the age of 14.

It was something I somewhat excelled at in my more youthful days, as I DJ’d at relatively every significant setting and club in London and Essex.

Notwithstanding, I before long began a steady occupation in my mid 20’s and gradually floated away from it all. To be back doing what I adore at 36 years old is an astonishing transformation.

Work life balance

On an individual level it has given me such a superior work life balance, as I currently get the chance to do the school run, and invest some much needed time with family.

Professionally, I have returned to being energetic about what I do, which I believe is so vital, as the greater part of us burn through 75% of our lives at work.

Presently when I wake up, I walk downstairs, hit the start button on the Nespresso Coffee machine and I am for all intents and purposes at work !.

The best Wedding DJ in Essex

Q. How would you believe being a full time Director at Fox and Braces will impact the business and how do you feel about your job titel now being Wedding DJ in Essex ?

A. All things considered, our goal has been to be the best wedding and occasions organization in Essex (and Kent, London and Hertfordshire).

Developing the business

I feel like we have developed so rapidly as a business in our first year.

So I am past sure that with the additional hours in the day I have free now, that I can turbo charge the business and keep on developing Fox and Braces into a widely renowned wedding and occasions organization.

Q. Have you changed the manner in which you approach the wedding and occasions you do since going full time ?

Mobile DJ Hire Essex and London

A. Not in any way. Despite everything I invest huge amount of my time arranging music for each and every wedding I DJ at.

I consider it to be the center of our business and the reason we have so many 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook.

Music matters

I really believe that the music we play at weddings and occasions speaks to us as people and as a business and separates us from alternate occasion DJs out there.

I DJ’d at a wedding a week ago and amid the cocktail hour dropped in “Soul Strut” by Lady Daisey, one of the visitors came straight up to me and asked what the tune was.

After I revealed to him he left and remarked, don’t hear many wedding DJ’s playing this kind of stuff, brilliant tune.

Music matters at your Wedding

I believe that is the thing that separates us, and that is something that will dependably stay at the center of Fox and Braces, great, quality music.

Q. So what happened with your full time job, before Fox and Braces?

Change of career

A. Indeed, that one is somewhat of a long story, allow us to simply say it was an occupation that I lost my passion for, and my goal was to accomplish something I adored, which was DJ’ing.

So I worked 20hr days for a year with my colleague, Dan, and we succeeded in making the business succesful enough that I was able to leave that job behind.

Hiring a Wedding DJ in Essex

Q. So what else do you do throughout the day at that point, most likely arranging wedding music doesn’t take up to 8hrs every day.

A. You’d be astonished, I have been known to spend a week on simply getting the music perfect for 1 wedding, yet no, by and large it doesn’t.

Social media

I deal with the messages that get through our site, alter the photographs from our occasions, deal with our social media accounts, including Instagram and Facebook and make changes to our WordPress site.

I am aways looking into new sound and lighting gear and furthermore deal with our 2 different DJs, Matt and Gary. So trust me, my day is full up each and every day.

Q. Discussing Matt and Gary, how are they, how did they come to join the organization ? 

New members

A. Well, we met Gary a year ago through a mutual friend, we immediately began discussing music, and soon thereafter I found that Gary had a fundamentally the same as DJing foundation as I had, with involvement with some of the best bars and clubs in London.

By then we were attempting to deal with the influx of enquiries in our inbox, so we had an frank discussion about him going ahead as a full time DJ, and it simply all came together perfectly.

Wedding DJ in London

We got Gary set up with same rustic style DJ booth we have, got him that equivalent FBT CS1000 speaker audio system and Pioneer XDJ-RX Rekordbox controller and he was prepared to go.

We ran through everything, starting from the ground up, the manner in which we treat our customers and approach to each occasion with a new mentality and he totally got it.

Gary has turned into a completely amazing addition to Fox and Braces.

The best DJ equipment

Matt I have known since I was 12 years of age.

A very skilled DJ and was always on the highest priority on my rundown of DJs I would request to come on board as our 3rd Wedding DJ, and when that point came, Matt gladly accepted the offer.

Serato and Rekordbox

At the time Matt was utilizing Serato music programming and an old Denon DNS3500 MK2, which wasn’t perfect with the way get things done.

(We utilize Rekordbox so our DJs have reinforcement memory stick if there should be an emergency with their laptops).

So subsequent to getting Matt setup with the equivalent Rekordbox programming, which myself and Gary utilize.

We chose to overhaul his speaker system to an arrangement of white RCF Evox 8 V2’s, which believe it or not, we were the principal organization in the UK to recieve an set of the speakers.

Q. So what’s next ?

Wedding DJ Essex and London

A. Next, is more wedding DJ’s, greater occasions, moving into the London wedding scene and beginning to build our reputation in that part of the UK.

We as of late, DJ’d at weddings at The Union Club in London, Soho, and The Rennasaince Hotel in Kings Cross St Pancras.

Both were stunning events and demonstrated that Fox and Braces are now at the level we need to be to begin making waves and building the Fox and Braces DJ brand in London.

Watch this space

The best wedding dj in Chelmsford

DJ Chelmsford – Wedding & Event DJ Hire in Danbury & Nearby Areas

DJ hire chelmsford

The best wedding dj in Chelmsford

When hiring a DJ for your wedding, so many factors need to be taken into consideration.

Will people dance, what music will they play, how much do they cost, what equipment do they bring, how long do I need them for ?

With such an important day ahead, and the planning in full swing. We understand that getting things right is a huge factor.

The venue has been booked. The dress has been bought. And the suits fitted. 

Following this, most couple start to consider catering.

Then last but not least. The entertainment.  

In this article, we answer the questions you are bound to ponder when considering booking your wedding DJ.

Wedding DJ cost Chelmsford

Firstly, lets start with the cost.

Most, if not all, wedding DJ businesses do not provide standard prices on their websites.

A stylish DJ booth for weddings

Whilst at first, one might wonder why this is the case, it’s actually very simple.

Until the DJ knows the location of the event, how far it is for them to travel.

And more importantly, how long their services are required for, it is near impossible to provide an accurate quote.

Let’s say a DJ provides a standard fee for his services. Agrees to a booking before gathering this information.

Subsequently, he finds out the event is 200 miles away.

That booking just became a whole different proposition. And one he likely would have charged extra for.

Therefore, this explains why 99% of Wedding DJ’s don’t list a standard price on their website.

Furthermore, a good DJ might have a higher price tag during peak season wedding season, due to high demand for their services.

Average DJ cost per hour

In 2020, we estimate that the average cost of a well reviewed wedding DJ is going to range anywhere between £75 – £150 per hour.

The very best wedding dj in essex

But what is the difference between a DJ that charges £75 per hour, and the DJ that charges £150 per hour, you may ask ?

Now it gets complicated.

Initially, you may believe that the £150 DJ is better, has superior equipment, and will fill the dance floor at your wedding.

However, you may do your research and discover that actually, the wedding DJ that charges £75 per hour has better equipment and has more 5 star reviews !

Light up letters for parties

Consequently, where does this leave you when making a decision on how much of your wedding budget to spend on hiring a DJ ?

Well, our honest advice is to research each individual business as much as possible.

Contact the companies you are interested in booking and speak to them.

Gauge each response and see how you feel. 

How long did it take them to respond to your initial enquiry, did they provide you with enough information about what they offer.

In addition, was their response polite and professional ?

Ultimately, the DJ’s initial response will give you a good indicator on the level of service you will be receiving throughout your contract with them.

How to pick a wedding DJ

Additionally, when deciding on how to pick your DJ, you should definitely check their social media platforms.

Instagram, Facebook & Youtube are always a good starting point.

Youtube giglogs are now a great way of watching your potential wedding Dj in action.

You should be able to gauge their personality by watching some of their videos. Do they seem like the kind of DJ you would want at your big day ?

Consequently, these are the biggest indicators of if a Wedding or party DJ is active and has recently being doing events.

Also the quality of their social media posts, in our opinion, will reflect the time they put into their business.

High quality social media – Usually means high quality elsewhere. They simply go hand in hand.

Do you see videos and pictures of people having a good time, or just selfies from behind the DJ booth ?

In addition, sometimes a good way of gauging wether a Dj is right for you, is to pick up the phone and simply give them a call.

A cool wedding dj behind pioneer decks


Let’s say the DJ answers the phone, you chat through your plans, and they are engaging, polite, positive, knowledgeable, and you get a good feel for their personality.

Then they might be the right DJ for you.

On the other hand, if someone answers the phone, comes across short, abrupt, and can’t even spare a few moments to discuss your big day.

Then there is a good chance you might want to consider continuing your search for your perfect wedding DJ.

Wedding DJ what to look for

Undoubtedly, reviews are the first thing we all look for when thinking of hiring or buying anything nowadays.

It goes without saying, that an experienced and high quality wedding DJ should have reviews from previous customers.

Take your time to read the reviews and see what previous Brides and Grooms have said about their services.

Were they on time.

Did they play the requested music.

Were they dressed smartly.

Was the music at the correct level.

Ultimately, how a wedding DJ presents themselves on the day of a wedding. And the relationship they build with them in the run up to the big day, will play a huge part in the review they receive after the event itself.

Rustic dj booth with love heart lightbulb

As a result, a genuine review is easy to spot.

It will usually be more than just 1 paragraph and will have a personal and honest feel to it.

Describing in detail how they felt about the service they received, and why they recommend this particular service.

In contrast, a review that only reads a few lines, and has no personality to it, will most likely be a friend or family member, attempting to bump up their 5 star rating !

DJ to hire for parties near me

When taking into consideration the above advice, we feel pretty confident that we are among the best wedding and party DJ’s in the Chelmsford area.

In addition to over 80 5 star reviews on google praising our DJ services, we provide high quality sound systems for our events.

Furthermore, we use the latest Pioneer DJ controllers to ensure we deliver a premium service to our customers.

With a roster of DJ’s that have grown up using turntables, we don’t just press stop and play between tracks, ensuring that the party continues seamlessly whenever we are behind the DJ booth.

What to ask your Wedding DJ

When thinking of what questions to ask your wedding DJ, we highly recommend one of the first ones should be how they deal with emergency situations.

Fox and Braces 2019

Obviously, it goes without saying that we all suffer breakdowns.

However, what back ups do they have in place for when they physically can’t make it to an event.

Perhaps the van has broken down, or there has been a huge crash on route to the wedding venue.

Do they have other professional DJ’s they can call on in a bind, and get cover for your event ?

In addition, what if a laptop or controller decides to break midway through a DJ set.

Every DJ has experienced glitches and crashed on their compeers. Unfortunately it’s a hazard of the job. 

What failsafe options are in place to make sure the party continues.

After all, the show must go on !

The DJ can’t just pack up his equipment, apologise and leave a dance floor of once happy wedding guests stranded. 

Finally, can requests be taken, what happens if they don’t have song you want ?

Can they download the song right there and play it.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of questions you should ask you wedding DJ.

However, it’s definitely a good start. And should give you a good base of things to think about.

Best Wedding DJ

So who is the best wedding DJ in Chelmsford and the Essex area then.

Unfortunately, this is an impossible question to answer. We know some fantastic wedding DJ’s who are great at what they do.

Some are relatively new to the DJ industry. And some have years of experience.

guests singing together at a wedding

Equally, we also consider ourselves to be an excellent choice for someones wedding party.

However, the right DJ or the best DJ for one, isn’t necessarily going to be the best one for others.

Differing music tastes, age ranges of wedding guests, and importantly, the style and personality of each wedding DJ.

Ultimately, will dictate what couples should book them for their wedding day.

To sum up, the best wedding DJ, is the one you feel most comfortable with.

The one you have built a good rapport with.

And the one you will be happy to see walk through the door.

On what will eventually be one of the best and most memorable days of your life !

We hope you have found our article helpful and informative. 

As you may have noticed, we ourselves provide DJ services across Chelmsford and Essex. So if you need to hire a DJ for your wedding or party, feel free to get in touch for a quote.

We would love to hear your plans.

Essex Wedding DJ Hire

Wedding DJ Hire in Essex Kent and London

Looking for the best Wedding DJ in Essex, Kent and London areas?

Well good news, you may have just found us. Call us for an informal chat on 07960 498 184 or send a message via our Contact Form.

Combining a rustic and authentic style with a modern and stylish twist, Fox and Braces are the only company to consider when looking for a DJ to hire for your big day.

For a rough price guide visit our Wedding DJ Hire Price page.

Bespoke DJ Music Set List – What’s Your Music Style?

Fox and Braces never play the same set twice.

Everything is bespoke and each event starts with a clean slate. We cater to YOUR music tastes and ensure out highly skilled DJ’s get it right through our online event planner and careful consultation prior to each and every Wedding or Event.

Gone are the flashy disco lights, over the top speakers and bad polo shirts and in are bowties, vintage tripods and minimal modern PA systems.

Professional Attire To Impress and Handcrafted DJ Booths

Every DJ booth has been handcrafted and finished to the highest of standards and our DJ’ behind them will be dressed to wow and knockout your guests.

If you are looking for a rustic setup that fits with your venue, then look no further.

Essex Wedding DJ Hire Rustic DJ Kent London

Dance, Disco, Retro to Club Beats and Chilled Soundtracks

Whether it’s a sophisticated afternoon, sipping cocktails and eating canapés you want, or an all out club vibe at the end of the night.

Our DJ’s are able to cater to and provide the soundtrack to any occasion. When it comes to Wedding DJs in Essex, Kent and London. Fox and Braces set the standard.

How to Choose Your Ideal Wedding DJ

Taking the time to do your research can really pay off when it comes to choosing your wedding DJ.

Music is key to your big day, and can almost dictate how the evening celebration will go.

This means that finding the right wedding DJ to suit the mood you want to create is key.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to booking your wedding DJ.

Read on to find out what to look into and what you should consider to find the ideal DJ for your big day…


The easiest way to check out if a DJ might work for you is to read online reviews. You’ve probably got a pretty good idea of the kind of Wedding DJ that you would go for.

Consequently, the best place to start is their website and reading reviews.

Be smart when it comes to reviews though – some businesses will setup various email addresses to be able to submit reviews for themselves.

This can help make their service appear more genuine if they haven’t received any real reviews or positive reviews.

Short one line reviews are unlikely to be genuine.

Look for detailed reviews from previous bookings and make notes of the key points so that you can compare your options later.

Examples of real testimonials can be found here.


The quality of the sound, the mixing and the music options can all be limited if the DJ has basic equipment.

DJs that are serious about what they do, and serious about providing the ultimate experience will be well kitted out.


When it comes to comparing prices, look into why one DJ might be cheaper than the other, to ensure you’re getting the best service.

If you can’t find any info about their equipment on their website, just ask the question.



A picture of a really bad mobile dj setup

Look at photos of DJs at work, check out what they are wearing to be sure you’ll be happy with how they fit in with your theme.

Most DJs will appreciate that wedding attire requires a certain standard.

However, some DJs may take a bit more of a relaxed approach to their appearance, so do your research here.

At Fox and Braces we always turn up suited and booted.


A picture of a really bad Steven Segal songOf course this is key, and it’s vital that you make sure your expectations align with what your DJ will be able to provide in advance.

Find out if your shortlist are on the same page as you.

Having a conversation about the different music you would like to hear on your big day is always a good start.

If you start mentioning different genres, bands and artists and are met with a blank expression, it’s likely that DJ isn’t right for you.

Understanding your needs

It’s important to find someone that understands exactly what you want to achieve and that doesn’t take over with their own ideas.

Choose something bespoke, that works for you and creates the vibe you want to achieve.

Lighting…People looking up at a bright light in dark glasses

Some wedding DJs will provide lighting for the dance floor, others won’t. Don’t assume that this will be included, ask the question.

In addition, checkout the type of lighting that will be provided.

At Fox and Braces we provide uplighting that is versatile – with different settings and colour options to suit your style.

Ease of service…

When you’ve got so much to plan you need all of the services that you book.

At Fox and Braces, we have invested in an online system to make things as simple as possible for you.

You receive your own unique account and login, so that you can build your music collection for your big day in your own time.

Make planning your wedding as straight forward as possible by choosing a wedding DJ that makes everything easy for you.

When it comes to our wedding DJ service, we invest a lot into what we do, and aim to make the music for your wedding memorable for each and every wedding that we DJ at.

We take a bespoke approach, creating a set that’s been designed just for you.

We invest in our business, from our equipment and appearance to our website and customer experience, to us it is key to provide you with the ultimate wedding DJ service.