How to Choose Your Ideal Wedding DJ

Taking the time to do your research can really pay off when it comes to choosing your wedding DJ.

Music is key to your big day, and can almost dictate how the evening celebration will go.

This means that finding the right wedding DJ to suit the mood you want to create is key.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to booking your wedding DJ.

Read on to find out what to look into and what you should consider to find the ideal DJ for your big day…


The easiest way to check out if a DJ might work for you is to read online reviews. You’ve probably got a pretty good idea of the kind of Wedding DJ that you would go for.

Consequently, the best place to start is their website and reading reviews.

Be smart when it comes to reviews though – some businesses will setup various email addresses to be able to submit reviews for themselves.

This can help make their service appear more genuine if they haven’t received any real reviews or positive reviews.

Short one line reviews are unlikely to be genuine.

Look for detailed reviews from previous bookings and make notes of the key points so that you can compare your options later.

Examples of real testimonials can be found here.


The quality of the sound, the mixing and the music options can all be limited if the DJ has basic equipment.

DJs that are serious about what they do, and serious about providing the ultimate experience will be well kitted out.


When it comes to comparing prices, look into why one DJ might be cheaper than the other, to ensure you’re getting the best service.

If you can’t find any info about their equipment on their website, just ask the question.



A picture of a really bad mobile dj setup

Look at photos of DJs at work, check out what they are wearing to be sure you’ll be happy with how they fit in with your theme.

Most DJs will appreciate that wedding attire requires a certain standard.

However, some DJs may take a bit more of a relaxed approach to their appearance, so do your research here.

At Fox and Braces we always turn up suited and booted.


A picture of a really bad Steven Segal songOf course this is key, and it’s vital that you make sure your expectations align with what your DJ will be able to provide in advance.

Find out if your shortlist are on the same page as you.

Having a conversation about the different music you would like to hear on your big day is always a good start.

If you start mentioning different genres, bands and artists and are met with a blank expression, it’s likely that DJ isn’t right for you.

Understanding your needs

It’s important to find someone that understands exactly what you want to achieve and that doesn’t take over with their own ideas.

Choose something bespoke, that works for you and creates the vibe you want to achieve.

Lighting…People looking up at a bright light in dark glasses

Some wedding DJs will provide lighting for the dance floor, others won’t. Don’t assume that this will be included, ask the question.

In addition, checkout the type of lighting that will be provided.

At Fox and Braces we provide uplighting that is versatile – with different settings and colour options to suit your style.

Ease of service…

When you’ve got so much to plan you need all of the services that you book.

At Fox and Braces, we have invested in an online system to make things as simple as possible for you.

You receive your own unique account and login, so that you can build your music collection for your big day in your own time.

Make planning your wedding as straight forward as possible by choosing a wedding DJ that makes everything easy for you.

When it comes to our wedding DJ service, we invest a lot into what we do, and aim to make the music for your wedding memorable for each and every wedding that we DJ at.

We take a bespoke approach, creating a set that’s been designed just for you.

We invest in our business, from our equipment and appearance to our website and customer experience, to us it is key to provide you with the ultimate wedding DJ service.