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Best wedding photographer

Q – Who are you and what do you do ?

I’m Chloe, and in short I’m a wedding photographer!

But I’d like to think i’m not your average photographer, you won’t catch me shouting at your guests all day to say cheese, stand here or any of that stereotypical stuff!

You’ll find me mingling with your pals, laughing through your speeches, on the dance floor (with my cameras of course) and loving my job!

I like when couples think of me as a friend and ‘not just another wedding supplier’ after all, I’m generally with you ALL day so it would be a bit crap if we didn’t get on!

F&B Saying it how it is – Chloe is not short. We believe she is the standard height for average females across the UK.

However, we do agree …. She is a wedding photographer.

Average is also certainly not the first word that comes to mind when we think of her as a person or photographer for that matter.

In fact, the first word that honestly sprung to mind was …… Pumpkins !!! ….. Huh ? ….. Well, we are only being honest.

It’s only because I (Dave) saw a pic of Chloe once in a pumpkin field (holding or sitting on pumpkins or something) and the colours were so vivid it has kind of stuck in my mind ! (Edit …. I then went and found the picture to make sure I wasn’t going cray ….. please see above !!!!)

But anyway, back to her as a photographer …… Right …. Think think think …….. Supercool (or if you like the film and see it as a compliment …. Then Superbad !)

Q – Tell us something random about you that people may not know

I used to Fence! (not the wooden garden type!) but with fancy swords and masks! I’m not one to do what everyone else is doing so at school when it was cool to do Netball, gymnastics , trampolining etc. I was living my best Jack Sparrow life!

F&B Saying it how it is  LOVE it.

Please tell us you still have some of the gear. You need to bring it to the next wedding we do together

I often hide in cupboards and jump out in an attempt to scare the wits out of my children when they get back from school ….. and seeing the petrified look on their faces when I jump out screaming in a full blown fencing costume will be my biggest life achievement to date.

Q – How long have been in events industry, and what made you get started ?

I’ve been in the wedding industry since around 2014 which is when I shot my first wedding! It wasn’t my intention to be a wedding photographer when I started my photography degree (I actually wanted to be a forensic photographer initially!) but I was told you only did weddings as bread and butter and couldn’t be creative with it, and when someone tells me you can’t, I like to prove them wrong… 😀

F&B Saying it how it is – I am almost certain that we have had this convo in person.

It would be likely as you know it would have been a relevant subject if we got chatting about it (if you know us personally … you’d know why).

I actually can totally see you doing that funnily enough.

But I can’t help feel that you would potentially find some evidence. And then just totally rogue.

Hell bent on tracking down the culprit in your fencing gear. Getting into a roof top duel, (winning obvs), and then finally dropping them, tied up outside a police station.

Scooby Doo (or is is “Do” … these blogs don’t get fact checked clearly) style.

Q – What do you like the most about what you do ?

The people I get to meet! – From couples, to their families, other wedding industry friends. I’ve made so many awesome friends through this job, I feel like I have a huge extended family! (I also enjoy being able to get up when I want and taking days off when I want!).

F&B Saying it how it is   We suspect that this is going to be a similar answer for most suppliers. People are generally really nice. And it’s cool to meet new people in this industry, on what is almost always a happy occasion.

Q – If you could turn back time, would you change A) What you do …. and / or B) How you did it ?

I wouldn’t change what I do, I bloomin’ love it – but I think I’d have skipped the going to uni and getting in debt part, and spent those 3 years grafting and saving more.

F&B Saying it how it is  On a serious note now, this is interesting.

I (Dave) left school at 16. And often had moments of wonder as to whether going on to further education would have taken me down a different path in life.

However, I have heard LOTS of people saying the same thing about uni.

Amazing for the experience, but the debt …. Hmmm not so much. Makes me feel a little better about the decision not to.

Chloe lee photography

Q – If you could work with 1 famous person for a day …. who would it, and why ?

Dang this is a hard one! I’d probably have to say Robert Downey Jr ‘cos I think it’d be hilarious and he’s very easy on the eyes!

F&B Saying it how it is  – What we say: Ok … but as Downey … or as Stark ! Ooohhhhhhhh or as KIRK LAZARUS !!! HAHAHA

(Photo by Lucy Watson)

Q – What has been your most memorable event thus far !?

I think all my weddings have memorable moments! I photograph some truly epic weddings that don’t follow traditions, I’ve seen aerial circus acts, fire breathers, someone on stilts dressed as something from a Daft Punk video shooting lasers, axe throwing to a wedding in a museum!

F&B Saying it how it is- We are expecting nothing less that than EVERYONE we send this questionnaire to to reply with “they are ALLLLLL my faves” haha …

Come on …. Someone break the mould. Give us a fave or most memorable haha.

Q – What advice would you give to someone wanting to do what you do ?

Be prepared to work HARD. It’s a really awesome job but you’ll put a lot of hours in editing! Get experience second shooting and shadowing other photographers before you go out and shoot your own weddings.

F&B Saying it how it is – Believe it or not ….. we dabble in a a little editing ourselves.

NOT to the level of the pros I might add, and nowhere near the volume either.

But ….. it has truly made us have (albeit limited) understanding of the sheer amount of work that must go into editing a full day of wedding shooting. Insane amount of work !

Photographer in Essex

Q – It’s a random Tuesday afternoon and you have absolutely no plans and 3hrs of free time. What do you do ?

Go to Southend! Arcades, candyfloss, ice cream, chips. Literally my dream afternoon!!

F&B Saying it how it is  Ahhh this is cool.

I am a hardcore gamer (still …. Sad I know … but I completed Horizon Zero Dawn after wedding season slowed down last year …. And it was epic).

So arcades gets the big thumbs up from us ! …. Candy floss, isn’t my fave or ice-cream actually ….. so I think I would just triple up on the chips.

Lots of salt and vinegar and that cheap ketchup you get in cafes !

(Photo by Lucy Watson)

Q – If the internet broke tomorrow and you had to find an alternative job …. what would it be ? 

Growing up I wanted to be a paleontologist so i’d potentially still do that, OR what I wanted to be at school which was a Crime Scene Investigator (I did my work experience with SOCO and it was awesome!) (Going back to the previous answer if I couldn’t get to Southend I’d be doing what I usually do which is watching NCIS, Hawaii five-0, CSI, Criminal Minds etc.)

F&B Saying it how it is – In that case ….. Did you watch Friends … and was Ross your favourite ?!!

If you get the reference you are a true “Friends” fan.

Q – Nobody like to brag … but just this one time …. go for it. Why should somebody book you ?

Because you’ll get a personal cheerleader and an extra bridesmaid on your day! You’ll get someone that really wants to be there with you all, taking photos of all the fun and laughs that happen. Someone that will just go with the flow and embrace the little and big moments of a wedding day.

You’ll get super fun colourful photos of you and your guests that reflect who YOU are, not some overly cheese posed shit that you don’t want!

What we say:

F&B Saying it how it is – Love this answer. Spoken like the Superbad (we like the film so it’s Superbad for us) photographer we know Chloe is.

And we could not have put it better ourselves.

Chloe is fun, bright, bursting with personality and talent and we love working with her.

Basically … you should book her.

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