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Supplier spotlight – Laura at Devine Bride Wedding Planning

So with 2020 upon us it’s time we start getting active on the old blog posts.

Rather than spend an obscene amount of time thinking of different things to write about being a wedding DJ. We have resorted to the oldest trick in the book.

Yep, we have sent a load of questions to folk we like, and then got them to write about themselves ….. and then …. wait for it …. send it to us !!!

“Genius” I hear you scream.

However, the big difference with this trick (with us anyway) is that the people we have asked to write about themselves is:

A) A friend of ours and someone we love working with.

B) Insanely good at what they do.

Furthermore …..

C) The main intention of these posts is actually to shed light on what these awesome people do, rather than bulk our website out with spammy content that isn’t going to help you when planning your wedding !

So …. Here goes. Drumroll please ……

First up. The amazing Laura from Devine Bride !!

(Photo – TheWomanAndTheWolf)

(Oh … and it’s no surprise that one of the most organised people we have ever worked with was the first to respond …. A+ for you Laura !!!

Q – Who are you and what do you do ?

Devine Bride is run by Laura Devine – me, hi!  I’m a wedding planner based in East London and run a multi award winning blog as the backbone to my website offering planning tips and advice.

My tag line is ‘pick + mix wedding planning’; couples can pick and choose which elements they need help with, and we’ll take it from there.  Bespoke services, flexible help, pick + mix planning!

Furthermore, I have personally planned and worked on some 170+ weddings and events to date, and I know what’s worked, what’s not, and what’s fun!  It’s a celebration after all!

A perfect wedding

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F&B Saying it how it is – We met Laura at a wedding in London, The Depot to be exact, in late 2018.

We were instantly impressed by the fact that Laura – A wedding planner, was actually … shock horror “PLANNING” ….. and get this, was even keeping us updated with things that were changing throughout the day.

Dan and I didn’t quite know if we were in the twilight zone at this point. Because, in truth, we have been about for a few years now and have worked with hundreds of planners, and our experience has been hit and miss.

There are of course, some fantastic planners out there, and we have worked with so many.

However, we have also lost count of the times when something has been moved forward by 30 minutes ….. only something small, like …. Ya know …THE FIRST DANCE !!! And we seem to have been the last people the planner has told !

To sum up, watching Laura in action definitely made us go to “our safe place” as she was totally in control of everything, and updated us on the smallest of changes, just incase it affected what we were doing.

So, in our words …. To answer the original question Laura is –  “awesome” ….and what she does is “the epitome of precision and professional planning”.

Q – Tell us something random about you that people may not know

I trekked to Everest Base Camp some 10 years ago, with my now husband – and I/we survived!  I also did a short stint living in Prague during my Erasmus year abroad at uni – and nearly failed my degree because of it (too much beer and partying…)!

F&B Saying it how it is  It was all going so well until the words “too much beer” were uttered. Up until this point we considered Laura a colleague and friend. 

But we are now rethinking this relationship Laura.

wedding planning tips in 2020

Photo by Kat-Hill

Q – How long have been in events industry, and what made you get started ?

I have been running my own thing properly for over 4 years now (while also freelancing at venues as well); the lack of on demand planners who were upfront about their prices was the main thing.

Essentially I fell in love with helping make people happy and helping them celebrate what’s important to them.

F&B Saying it how it is – We actually have no idea about the the lack of on demand planners who were upfront about their pricing Laura, but consider us duly educated !

And we know all about your freelancing skills at venues, as we have played at a few of them. And when we mention you, they go all giddy and chew our ears off about how good you are !

Q – What do you like the most about what you do ?

Seeing couples happy on their wedding day, and knowing that I’ve contributed to that in some way, no matter how big or small, is the best feeling ever.

In addition, I also love the creativity vs the organisation of it all; I love it all.  I went to art school but left my job as an Operations Manager to start my own thing – so I like to think I’ve got the best of both!

F&B Saying it how it is  We can say first hand that this is “the truth” (spoken like a preacher in a pulpit). Because having spent a few events with Laura, we can tell when someone is there to cash a paycheque, and when someone is passionate about their craft.

Laura definitely falls into the “passionate about their craft category” !

A wedding planner in action

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Q – If you could turn back time, would you change A) What you do …. and / or B) How you did it ?

No I don’t think I would change what I do now/did, and no, I don’t think I would change how I did it either…!

Ultimately, as convoluted as my journey to this point has been, it’s been pretty enjoyable throughout (mostly) and has still made me what I am today 😊 With all the practical, academic, and life skills that come with all of that!

F&B Saying it how it is  Ahhh, a similar philosophy to us old chaps then. We are in agreement 100%

If you don’t mind us putting it a little more eloquently, I think what you are totally trying to say, is that if you have to wade through swimming pool filled with mayonnaise and old hair clippings from a barber shop, in order to get to the other side and continue your journey …… then without the mayonnaise and hair clippings …. You wouldn’t have got where you needed to go … ?

That’s it right ? 

….. Right ???

Q – If you could work with 1 famous person for a day …. who would it, and why ?

Michelle Obama. I love her.

F&B Saying it how it is  Truthfully ……. we have nothing on this one. A pretty sensible and solid choice. 

Q – What has been your most memorable event thus far !?

They are all my babies…!

Although, a particularly memorable one was a full weekender; starting at a lovely hotel on the Friday night to kick off celebrations.

Then on to Hackney Town Hall for the ceremony on the Saturday, followed by a garden party outside the Museum of Childhood, then inside for an 180 guest dinner once the museum closed (we had 1 hour to set it all up), then the party until 3am.

After that, it was another day of celebrations at the MOB’s house hosted as a Keralan lunch by the MOG!

I was pretty exhausted come Sunday evening, but it was a spectacular weekend of celebrations!

F&B Saying it how it is  We are actually exhausted just reading that, so goodness knows how you must have felt. Sounds like our sort of party though !

wedding planning in London

(Photo by The Woman and The Wolf)

Q – What advice would you give to someone wanting to do what you do ?

Get some experience in venues and in corporate events first as a good grounding.

F&B Saying it how it is – Solid advice on this one. Weddings are a big deal. Going on your first rodeo on possibly one of the most important days of someones life probably isn’t for the faint hearted.

wedding planning in Essex

(Photo by Kat Hill)

Q – It’s a random Tuesday afternoon and you have absolutely no plans and 3hrs of free time. What do you do ?

Go for a nap…!

F&B Saying it how it is  To be fair, we know you work hard, and you were definitely the first to respond to our blog post questionnaire, so YOU deserve it !

A couple getting married

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Q – If the internet broke tomorrow and you had to find an alternative job …. what would it be ? 

Florist!  Although not sure I’d ever get used to 3am market runs.

F&B Saying it how it is – Nope. No thanks. Nada. Pass. 3am !?  Er …….. we’ll stick to DJ’ing. I suppose we could always go back to vinyl ….. actually ….. it might do us a favour ! Then the DJ’s who only learned to DJ on a laptop would be doomed mwuuuahahahahahahaaaaaaa (evil laugh).

Or flowers ? ….  

the best wedding planner in London

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Q – Nobody like to brag … but just this one time …. go for it. Why should somebody book you ?

Just read my testimonials on Google or Facebook and you’ll be convinced (I hope)!  But ultimately, I relieve stress and make sure everything runs exactly as you’d like it to.

I manage the day and take care of all your needs and venue needs, so you two can relax and party.

Finally, I’m married myself, so I know how things actually roll on the day – and how to make everything feel relaxed and hosted while still keeping to time behind the scenes.

F&B Saying it how it is – Could not have said it better ourselves. We cannot recommend Laura enough and STRONGLY (too aggressive with the caps ?) reccommend her and her team if you ever need any sort of planning done for your big day. She is amazing.


Get in touch with Laura here – WWW.DEVINEBRIDE.CO.UK