Supplier spotlight – Sophie Oldhamstead Photography

It’s Monday night. It’s windy. There is a lot of rain. So guess what ?

We blog.

3rd in the hot seat – Sophie Oldhamstead Photography.

Sophie Oldhamstead

Q – Who are you and what do you do ? 

I’m Sophie and I photograph gorgeous happy weddings of lovely people 

F&B saying it how it is:

Yep. She is Sophie. Yep. She photographs happy weddings of lovely people ….. but she is lovely too !

Q – Tell us something random about you that people may not know 

I used to be an irish dancer as a child, danced for Michael Flatley, flew over the world to compete & everything. 

F&B saying it how it is:

You have just, without a doubt, talked yourself into throwing some shapes at the next wedding we do together. There is absolutely no way on earth you are going to get away with not giving us a little jig !

Q – How long have been in events industry, and what made you get started?

I shot my first wedding in 2015 and not looked back since. I fell into weddings like a lot of photographers I think, I started in family photography (still do over at Little + Wild!) but I shot my first wedding for a friend and got the bug instantly so just worked insanely hard getting experience and training wherever I could to break my way in. 

F&B saying it how it is:

Had absolutely no idea about little & Wild, so I just googled it, and there you were ! Love it. And we are in no doubt about your work ethic. Every time we meet (which at the time of writing this … was this morning (I still have pancake envy btw) we can tell how hard you work. So keep it up. But be warned … next time. I’m stealing your pancakes. 

Q – What do you like the most about what you do? 

I just love the act of photographing people in their happiest moments but I love the memories I’m giving them even more. When I present a couple with their album or their gallery, their reactions make my heart feel full. There is literally nothing better than seeing their photos up on their walls & knowing I’ve created an heirloom that future generations will look back on too. 

F&B saying it how it is:

That feels like a very true response written from the heart. Can feel it in the words and the way you describe making couples feel. Definitely how we feel when we do a wedding and we can tell at the end of there night the couple are absolutely buzzing about their whole day / night. Such a good feeling. 

Wedding photographer Essex

Q – If you could turn back time, would you change A) What you do …. and / or B) How you did it ? 

Nope, the only thing I’d change is that I would do it sooner. Many years wasted in fashion merchandising (I’m definitely more ‘happy girl wears PJs’ than ‘Devil wears Prada’!)

F&B saying it how it is: Tell us more …. Fashion ! Merchandising …. Kept that one quiet over breakfast this morning. Although, in your defence …. We did spend a a good portion of our breakfast meeting randomly discussing probate and wills (haha this blog is sooooooo not SEO friendly) …. it was very productive and I learned a lot.

Q – If you could work with 1 famous person for a day …. who would it, and why ? 

Oooh this is a good question, Michelle Obama because I just think she’s an incredible strong woman and I could learn a lot from her. She’d be amazing to photograph too.

F&B saying it how it is:

This is the 2nd Michelle Obama …. I have to admit. We know nothing about her. But I feel like we might need to brush up, because if we get another M.O answer, we will start to feel pretty stupid, not knowing why she is so awesome.

“Another person thinks I’m awesome ….. deal with it”

Q – What has been your most memorable event thus far!? 

Sounds proper cheesy but they all are. One of the best bits about this ‘job’ is that each and every couple & their wedding is unique and memorable in their own way. A drunken groom stopping the DJ to sing the lion sleeps tonight over the mic though still gives me the giggles whenever I think about it, never seen so many people cringe in one room simultaneously!

F&B saying it how it is:

Haha. Yes !!!!! A singular event …. You have broke the mould Sophie. 5 stars. 

A drunk groom at a wedding

(An example of a drunk groom ….. Disclaimer NOT TAKEN BY SOPHIE OLDHAMSTEAD)

Q – What advice would you give to someone wanting to do what you do ? 

Work hard and get as much experience as you possibly can. It is a really incredibly hard industry to break into and its ridiculously competitive but there is room for everyone if you just follow your own path, be yourself and really hone your craft.

F&B saying it how it is:

We expect nothing less that good honest advice, from real professional people for this answer. Nothing further to add your honour.


Q – It’s a random Tuesday afternoon and you have absolutely no plans and 3hrs of free time. What do you do ? 

I’d like to say I’d do something really productive or super fun but in reality I’d watch Greys Anatomy or This is Us with copious amounts of tea & biccies. 

F&B saying it how it is:

I actually consider myself a bit of a TV / film buff. So I’m concerned that I’d never heard of “This is us”.

IMDB – 8.7

Rotten Tomatoes – 91% – 8.3

You Sophie, pass the “good taste in TV” test. Which is more than I can say for Dan. In fact … for anyone that bothers to read this (Dan won’t) …. If Dan ever starts a sentence with “Ahhh I saw this really good Tv show the other night” …. Just run. Run fast. And never come back.

(How you feel after realising you wasted 2hrs of your life because you watched a film Dan recommended)

Q – If the internet broke tomorrow and you had to find an alternative job …. what would it be? 

Good thing about being a photographer, they were around before the interwebs! I’d still be one, if I had to get another job though I’d love to be a florist.

F&B saying it how it is:

This is a popular choice. I’m waiting for someone to say something totally random …. Like Bounty Hunter. Or trapeze artist.

Q – Nobody likes to brag … but just this one time …. go for it. Why should somebody book you? 

You should book me if you want a fun & chilled photographer on the day who will give you beautifully natural timeless wedding photographs that you will LOVE. I’m super organised & I aim to be a little helping hand in the background of your day that you can trust to capture your wedding exactly as you see it. My lovely couples say it best though (you can see some of their lovely words on my website) 

F&B saying it how it is:

BADA BOOM ! You tell em Sister !!! Just to cement what you have just said …. Here is a snippet from one of your reviews !

“Sophie captured our day perfectly and all the emotions that came along with it in amazing images that we will treasure forever :)”

There it is. From the horses mouth (so to speak). That’s still an acceptable phrase isn’t it ? ……

It is 2020. Never know …. Might offend a horse somewhere :/

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Update: No horses were offended during the writing of this blog.