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Supplier spotlight – Three Mile Hill

When the brospehs Three Mile Hill send back their blog post answers. We stop.

We run the bath. Put the candles on. Put the phones on silent. And we read.

Then. We blog. Three Mile Hill Band

Q – Who are you and what do you do?

We are Three Mile Hill, comprised of a Jakob, a Marc and a Dan. We want to fill the void of ‘Ok folk function band’, wherever anyone wishes to book us! We do this with all three of our voices, guitar, banjo, a stripped back brush kit, and occasionally, a piano. 

F&B telling it how it is:

These boys are the real deal. They are far from “Ok” and fit snugly into the void of “awesome” folk function band. 

Q – Tell us something random about you that people may not know.

Jakob – I’m bilingual.

Marc – I used to be in a metal band.

Dan – Im a juggler.  

F&B telling it how it is: 

Jakob – Likes beer & golf (So do I)

Marc – Likes documentaries (OMG me too !)

Dan – Used to be a spandex wearing body pump instructor & has great hair (…….)

Q – How long have been in events industry, and what made you get started ?

We all knew each other from frequenting the same venue in our younger years, and gradually found each other again through music, bands, and touring. It was simply a jam at a bar in 2015 which led to someone asking if we play weddings, we said yes. A WhatsApp group was then subsequently created which is solid foundation for any venture. 

F&B telling it how it is: 

We didn’t know this …. What a nice story.

When you get a chance, just add us to the WhatsApp group. No rush. 

Any time. 

Q – What do you like the most about what you do?

The fact that we can say we enjoy it. We play for excited brides, grooms, parents, grandparents, kids, dogs and everyone else in-between, meeting new people all the time and are responsible for their high level of shape throwing. It never gets old! We’re completely independent having backgrounds in audio recording and photography and video, allowing us to represent ourselves truthfully.  

F&B telling it how it is: 

Soooo similar to us. Apart from the backgrounds in audio.

Oh and recording.

Ahhh, and video.

Yep … and photography.Wedding folk band

(Camilla Andrea Photography)

Q – If you could turn back time, would you change A) What you do …. and / or B) How you did it

If I could turn back time

If I could find a way

I’d take back those words that hurt you

And you’d stay

I don’t know why I did the things I did

I don’t know why I said the things I said

Love’s like a knife it can cut deep inside

Words are like weapons, they wound sometimes

I didn’t really mean to hurt you

I didn’t want to see you go

I know I made you cry, but baby.

That’s what Cher would do, but we would have jumped on social media earlier. The power of it is overwhelming, almost 3 billion users world wide, cray cray.

F&B telling it how it is:

So because we are currently auditioning to write for TMH – Here goes….


If I could write some rhymes

If I could find some hay

I’d take back those birds that burnt you

And who’d pray ?

I don’t know why I hid the strings I fibbed

I don’t know why I have the wings in my head

Dove’s like a knife it can cut deep inside

Birds are like weapons, they wound sometimes

Eye wasn’t really green so sod you

I didn’t want to flee cos’ you slow

I know I made you fly, but bae-beeeeeeeeee.”

Q – If you could work with 1 famous person for a day …. who would it, and why ?Marc on Piano

Jakob – Gregory Alan Isakov – work on his farm in the day and write with him in the evening

Marc – Ben Folds – Id like to write together

Dan – Mr Muscle – he’d do all the jobs I hate, but teach me how to love them.

F&B telling it how it is:  

Jakob – Google him. Listened. Nice.

Marc – Didn’t have to google him. Had already listened previously. Nice.

Dan – I had to re-google this … As I’m pretty sure that Mr Muscle only “does” the jobs you hate. There doesn’t seem to be the mention or implication that he offers any sort of tutoring on how to do said jobs, or on how to learn to love them. Before you sign up to any agreement with Mr M. Just check the small print. 

Q – What has been your most memorable event thus far !?

Its a toss up between our first International wedding in 2017 in the south of sunny France, and meeting Fox and Braces in 2017. Both events were equally rewarding, resulting in good friendships and looking foward to seeing each other on the odd occasion at events. But France was a real vibe, driving 12 hours with the weather improving, great van chat, we got locked out our hotel room with no working key card, we had to break in, the couple (Sammy & Chris) and their guests were super accommodating, it rained all day, ordered pomme frites, saw some police, Marc took a photo, Jakob drank some champagne, we jumped into a swimming pool, memories. 

F&B telling it how it is:

Go on the boys !!! You broke the spell. You gave an actual event !!!

As much as we’d love it to be when you met us, can’t lie …. France sounds immense. 

Q – What advice would you give to someone wanting to do what you do ?

Firstly, find humans you connect with and talk to on all levels. You could be a grade 8 master at your craft, playing the most exotic event, with the best van and the most expensive gear, but if you’ve got 100+ events a year and every time you leave your home dreading your members, your band will suffer as well as the vibe you’re trying to create. 

If you’re going to venture out and play fun events – you need to be fun as a unit, you are after all – the entertainment.

After that, practice. Folk band for tipi wedding

(The Edge Photography)

F&B telling it how it is:

No jokes here. This is just some good old fashioned niceness. 

Q – It’s a random Tuesday afternoon and you have absolutely no plans and 3hrs of free time. What do you do ?

As the month hasn’t been stated, we’ve chosen a Tuesday in February so it’ll be shrove Tuesday, so, pancakes with a stack of vinyls from 1940’s swing, all the way to today. Afterwards, possibly go for a brisk walk along a sea front for new air. Once home, put the drying up away from those amazing pancakes we made earlier. Probably chat nonsense. OR watch The Titanic, 180 minutes of cinema history that we can all get on board with.

F&B telling it how it is:

Gonna have to start specifying the month aren’t we. I guess that does have a pretty huge impact on what one would do ? 

Regardless of month though … pancakes has always got to be a good shout. Not sure about Titanic though :/


Q – If the internet broke tomorrow and you had to find an alternative job …. what would it be ?

Jakob – Re building the internet, only joking…I’d probably give writing novels or something in that world a go. 

Marc – I’d probably end up handing out flyers or something, they’re gonna be needed

Dan – Gardner. Mirror the wedding season – work heavily between April and October, whilst everything is in bloom and you can really get productive, you dont need the internet, vitamin D is a plenty and you can eat your crops. Then in winter, join Marc flyering, but we’d be really eco and use big leaves that Ive collected and preserved since the summer. March from Three Mile Hill

(Chris Bradshaw Photography)

F&B telling it how it is:

Very well thought answers.

Marc do you want to hand out flyers because Dan (our Dan) told you about all the flyers he used to bin whilst working at his local pizza joint when he was 16, have you taken on some sort of subconscious “flyer guilt” and are trying to rebalance the flyer universe ?

Dan – I am currently digging my garden up and I tell you what mate … back breaking. Don’t do it bro. Don’t do it. In fact, send Mr Muscle round after you’ve taken him to court for not fulfilling the “teaching” part of his contract.  

Jakob – If you want a writing buddy. Just check my bars out above. You know I’ve got the goods.

Q – Nobody likes to brag … but just this one time …. go for it. Why should somebody book you ?Three mile hill at the old parish rooms

(Veronika Ward Photography)

If someone were to book us, it’d be rewarding to know they did it because they saw we were confident in our product and our delivery on the day. For a smooth booking process with no faff. For a ruddy good knees up with the benefit of 10-30 second rest periods. For the quiet live lounge vibe during your meal or reception drinks. For your health (the dancing in intervals of 3 minutes on, 30 seconds off)

If you’re think about booking us, then we’d love to hear from you! 

Much love!

F&B telling it how it is: 

Can tell Dan has written this now due to the HIIT intervals !

In the words of a New York cop in the 50’s “Book em …. Or regret it”
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