A diagram showing how tp plan the perfect Wedding

The Wedding Square

Our top tips for the perfect wedding day

A diagram showing how tp plan the perfect WeddingWhile the details and everything you choose for your big day all add up to the look and feel.

There are a few key areas that have a big impact on your wedding.

Having these bigger details in place well in advance means you can build upon a strong foundation, arranging everything else that makes your day unique and special.

At Fox and Braces, we believe that there are four key pillars that form the foundation of a fantastic wedding, and we call this …

‘The Wedding Square’.

Once you have the elements of your wedding square in place, you are already well on your way to creating the dream setting for your big day.

Read on to discover the four key elements, which make the ideal place to start when it comes to planning your wedding…


Finding your dream wedding venue is the obvious place to start.

But many brides and grooms actually end up booking their venue before they have even sat down to look at the number of people that they need to cater for.

Don’t rush

This is a big decision, and so many people rush to book to get it out of the way, or because they have found a venue that they have fallen in love with.

It can be tempting to go big, lavish and bold, but something we see frequently is a wedding venue designed for 500 people, with just 200 guests attending.

Booking your venue early is great, and should be the first thing you organise.

But think about your guest list, and how having a bigger venue than you need might impact on your day.

For example, you wouldn’t want your venue to appear half full, as if half the guest list haven’t turned up, and equally the money you might save on a smaller venue could be better used elsewhere.


Of course this is a big one for us, but music really does play a massive role in your wedding day.

Imagine your big day without music, , and you’ll quickly see what we mean.

In addition, it’s likely you’ve been to an event or a wedding where the music really hasn’t hit the mark, and it just changes the whole vibe.

Your wedding is a celebration, not only of your marriage, but also of your relationship, and it should feel that way!

It should feel like a celebration, but it should also feel personal to you as a couple, setting the perfect mood to suit you and your big day.

When it comes to choosing your wedding DJ, make sure you choose someone that suits your style, understands you as a couple and the mood you want to create.


Just like music is key to setting the mood, lighting is too.

Lighting can have a huge impact on how your guests feel, which in turn influences how they behave.

In addition, lighting can also effect your wedding photos, so choosing lighting that strikes the right balance is key.

Choose lighting that can be altered – avoid anything that cannot be dimmed.

Instead choose lighting that can be changed to enhance the setting.

Brighter lights might be needed for your sit down meal and speeches, and dimmer lighting for your first dance.

At Fox and Braces we provide uplighting for the dance floor in a variety of colours.


When it comes to the layout of your venue, think about how people will use and interact with the space.

The location of the dance floor in relation to the bar is key.

Avoid separate rooms that will split your guests up.

Furthermore, try to avoid having the bar in a different room to the dance floor where possible.

Instead make a large room work for everyone – with a dance floor, bar and seating all in one room.

Get these four elements in place and you are well on your way to creating your dream wedding.

Of course the finer details count too, but in getting these four areas spot on, the rest of your wedding will simply fall into place.

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