guests drunk at a Christmas party

The Whitehall Resources Christmas Party

Corporate Christmas Party DJA picture of a cool dj booth

With the wedding season finally starting to slow down a little, and the Christmas Party season in full swing.

This weekend saw us providing our DJ & lighting services for yet another corporate event in Essex.

More specifically, Boreham House in Chelmsford.

And even more specifically, the Whitehall Resources annual Christmas Party.

This was no ordinary run of the mill Christmas Party though.

Firstly, they hired us to be their DJ for the evening, and of course, we are not your standard mobile Essex DJ.

Circus theme

In addition to us on the decks, there were still life statues, a huge fireworks display, a live band, and a  juggler on a unicycle. Not forgetting a whip weilding circus showman and a snake charmer.A picture of a snake charmer

A few months ago we were contacted by the executive assistant to the Managing Director of the company.

She had found us on google, and immediately felt we would be a good fit for the party. We spoke at length about the type of event it was, and how they wanted the night to go.

We met at Boreham House a month before the event, to look at logistics and the structure of the day.

Consequently, after meeting with some employees at the firm, I felt I understood why they had chosen us to provide our highly rated DJ services at their party.

The DJ set

It was a young (ish) firm, and the brief was simply to play bangers from the start.

The DJ would be relatively short (8.15 to 10pm). So there would be no time to waste once we got behind the decks. This was possibly going to be shortest DJ set I had played all year. 

On the day itself, we arrived early (as always) at 3pm.

It was a considerable walk from the van to where would be setting up, through a very narrow corridor, so the trusted trolley was out of the question. It was time to work off some of those excess December calories.

We began by playing our wireless uplighting throughout the venue. We had spoken with the organiser, and the look they wanted to achieve, so knew exactly where to put them, and the colours they wanted.

With uplighting that is controlled wirelessly from our iPad & DMX bridge unit, this proved a breeze.

Nethertheless, we were all set up by 4.30pm and were ready to play the entrance song. (Fairtyale of New York by The Pogues).

Dinner music

This all went perfectly to plan, and once seated, we commenced the Christmas dinner music.

A mixture of old classics (think Bing Crosby) and newer Christmas covers from the likes of Little Mix.

The  dinner music played for about 45 mins before the MD of Whitehall Resources took to the stage in order to hand some much coveted awards, such as “Rookie of the Year”.

The awards ceremony and speeches lasted about 90 mins, during which time.

During this time, I surveyed the room, getting a feel for the type of crowd I would be DJ’ing to.

I surmised that the average age was no more than 25.

As a result, the short time I had to make an impact with my DJ set, would mainly consist of newer chart music, with some Christmas classics thrown in for good measure.

Before long, 8.15 had rolled around. The dinner and formalities were over, and it was time to get some music on.Guests at a Christmas party

The battle of the bar

The opening off the bar directly coincided with the start of my DJ set !

Let’s face it, the bar is a formidable opponent for any mobile DJ in Essex.

I battled hard and managed to get a good amount of people on the dance floor from there get go.

Keeping them there was a little harder with the call of free booze no less than 10 meters away !

The DJ set went in a flash. Before I knew it, it was over.

I felt I’d given a very god account of myself as a DJ, and definitely got the music right for the crowd.people dancing at a Christmas party

Live music

At 10pm sharp, the band took to the stage, and continued on from where I left off.

I believe the lure of live music is definitely something that appeals to people of all ages at any party.

Consequently, the hardcore who had stayed posted at the bar throughout my DJ set, had started to slowly edge closer to the dance floor.electric ocean live band

By the time I’d actually got packed up and had my DJ equipment and venue uplighting gear back in the van, it was almost 11.15pm.

Instead of rushing off, I figured hey, why not stick around, get some more pictures and enjoy a spot of live music.

Great band

The band – Electric Ocean, were absolutely superb.

The band consisted of one singer, 2 guitarists, and a drummer. The typical set up for a small live band.

They had not only kept people on the dance floor, but also finally managed to pull the hardcore away from the bar. The dance floor was rocking. 

I stayed, chatted with a few of the guests, took some snaps and videos. Before saying my goodbyes to the band, congratulating them on a great set, and heading off into the night.

By 11.30pm I was on the a130 in Essex heading home. Listen to some Christmas tunes of my own.

A very early finish indeed, for any DJ in Essex.

DJ for corporate events

Finally, it was a great Christmas Party to DJ at. I loved the the atmosphere that the organisers created. 

The diversity of the suppliers and the pace of the event kept everyone intrigued throughout the day. 

I spoke to the organiser at Whitehall resources and it seems they will be keeping us as the DJ for their corporate parties going forward.

To summarise, a later and slightly longer set for me would definitely let me flex my DJ muscles a little more. And next time, win round 2 of the battle with “The Bar”.

Until next time, guests drunk at a Christmas party
F&B out.

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