A picture of a wedding in Paphos

What would I change about my own Wedding

My Wedding – The good, the bad, and the ugly

After being in the wedding and events industry for time now, we thought it was time to reflect.

Having attended over 100 weddings across Essex, London & Kent, we have seen it all. And it has made us ponder….

If we could go back in time, what we change about or own wedding days !

Well. Read on to find out.

But wait !

Before I get too deep into this article, and in case my beautiful wife decides to read this, do not panic!

Looking back at our special day, there really isn’t a lot that I would have changed.

That said, I will share my experience based on that day, combined with the knowledge I have acquired through the eye of a mobile DJ in Essex.

A wedding abroad

On an extremely warm September afternoon, my wife and I tied the knot in the most beautiful setting, a picturesque Taverna style hotel in Paphos, Cyprus.

The good

Weekday or Weekend.

My wedding was abroad, which meant every single one of the 80+ adult guests was free from work, able to let their hair down and were mostly already a few days into relaxing holiday.

And believe me, this made for an incredible party.

This leads me onto my first point.

Try your best to ensure as many of your guests as possible are able to take the following day off work!

If you are lucky enough to have the funds for a Weekend wedding, then you should have this covered.

But if you are getting married on a week day, please emphasise the fact you want it to be a great party.

Encourage your family and friends to take a day annual leave, and provide themsleves with the opportunity to enjoy the day

Furthermore, to recover from the multiple visits to the bar, and hours of dancing to your DJ.

This will make a huge difference!


Evening buffet.

Personally I believe my wife, and I got this spot on.

Served up at 10 pm… meat and cheese platters.

Guests could grab a handful of food, sink it on route to the bar, then head straight back to the dance floor to dance the night away to our wedding DJ.

Whilst observing many a wedding from our rustic DJ booth, we see the buffet arrive, and quite often we announce its imminent arrival.

Believe me, if you have a large or heavy buffet, this will kill your dance floor for up to an hour!

You can not eat fish and chips, or a hamburger whilst dancing.

And when it is sitting in your belly along with a 3 course dinner and eight beers, you will not be dancing the night away.

So OK, maybe this is a little bias, as DJs, all we want to see is a busy dance floor.


Mobile wedding DJ’s in Essex see many speeches. Please keep them brief.

Nobody wants to sit through an hour long speech, it’s boring, people sneak out.

On my wedding day, me, my father in law, and the best man (my brother) all kept our speeches to less than 10 minutes each.

Don’t get me wrong, none of us are great public speakers, but everyone enjoyed a warm heartfelt moment from each of us.

Consequntly, before any of our guests began yawning we were done.

And it flowed brilliantly into the next stage of the evening.

Finish time

End your day on a high and do not drag it out.

An 11 pm close meant that every single guest was still in attendance to give us the send off we felt we deserved, and no one struggled to stay to the end.

As a wedding DJ we often see a party go on for a little too long, people sneak out, and the atmosphere can sometimes fade away.

A late finish isn’t always a great finish, and personally I think we got this spot on.

The bad


For any Photographers reading this, including our own Scott Hammond Photography, please do not be offended.

I know you do an incredible job, as did my photographer.

BUT, please do not make the same mistake that we did.

We spent far too long with our photographer posing for shots that were not so natural, whilst we could have been dancing the afternoon away and enjoying our wedding with our guests.

And guess what pictures are hanging on my wall… the natural ones !

Laughing with friends, hugging family, blissfully unaware of the photograph being taken.

We got it wrong, so please do not make the same mistake we did!


Our circumstances were slightly different, as a wedding abroad meant that we were unable to try our food prior to the day itself.

But I am going to say it… we ended up with the dreaded dry wedding chicken.

As well as hiring an awesome wedding DJ, please make sure you dip a little deeper into that pocket and hire a great caterer.

The alone will make a huge difference to the experience of your friends and family in attendance.

It would be unfair to say our food was bad, but it could have been better.

In summary

We had the most incredible day, and we enjoyed every moment.

We wanted our wedding to be a lively affair with great music and a party atmosphere from start to finish.

With an good mobile DJ, and incredible band, music and dancing was the order of the day.

We had a free bar, and the guests took full advantage.

Our plan paid off, and our guests repeatedly tell us to this day that it was “the best wedding ever”‘.

My final advice (and speaking from experience) would be to think of what you want your day to be.

A party? A quiet celebration? A formal affair, with conversation and good food?

Or maybe a combination of all of those things?

Tailor your wedding to provide you with the day you want. Do not buckle to the pressure of the all too regular wedding routine.

Order good food (but not a huge buffet), pay for the bar bill, do not finish too late, and of course have a great Wedding DJ.

Thank you, and good night